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A Small Book of Exemplary Deaths

People who met the inevitable with élan, unflappability, dignity, or physical courage

SKU: 978-1-989555-7-81 Categories: , ,
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Hanged in Medicine Hat

Was justice served?

SKU: 978-1-989555-8-04 Categories: , ,
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Dark Goals

Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Evita & Juan Perón, Augusto Pinochet, & Pablo Escobar

SKU: 978-1-989555-8-42 Categories: , ,
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Incredible World Cup Stories

Some of the best World Cup stories

SKU: 978-1-989555-9-58 Categories: , ,
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The Accidental Caregiver

An invaluable resource for everyone concerned for the vulnerable people in their lives

SKU: 9781989555972-1 Categories: , ,
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John Turner

One of the most glamorous and successful politicians in Canadian history

SKU: 978-1-989555-8-35 Categories: , ,
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The Prison Lady

What really goes on between prison walls, & in the hearts & minds of inmates?

SKU: 9781989555972 Categories: , ,
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The Vanishing Past

No subject is more vital to our very humanity

SKU: 978-1-989555-7-98 Categories: , ,
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The Successor

A book about power, apprenticeship, & succession in the first family of media

SKU: 978-1-989555-7-81-1 Categories: , ,
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Carload Ritchie

The unbelievable birth of the pharmaceutical industry

SKU: 978-1-989555-57-6-1-3 Categories: , ,
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