Sutherland House is pleased to announce the launch of the Sutherland Quarterly, a new series of captivating essays on current affairs by some of Canada’s best writers. Each essay will be published as a standalone book and sold at retail in the usual manner; the essays will also be available (at a preferred price) by annual subscription.

SQ books will be short, about 25,000 words, meant to be devoured in an evening or two. They will be timely, topical, and highly readable. They will not come from one particular worldview or represent one style of writing. After the inaugural edition, each will contain responses to the previous essay to create a sort of rolling conversation from book to book.

The inaugural edition of SQ is Funeral for a Queen: Twelve Days in London, by former Globe & Mail correspondent John Fraser, who is also the founding president of the Institute for the Study of the Crown in Canada.

The second edition of SQ, coming in March, will be An Emergency in Ottawa: The Story of the Convoy Commission, by former National Post and Maclean’s columnist Paul Wells.

Each of the books will be excerpted in the Globe & Mail, our editorial partner for this venture. Single copies will sell for $22.95 (plus HST); the subscription price is $74.99 (including HST).

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