Release of a Complete Financial Guide

Release of a Complete Financial Guide

Recently, representatives of Delaware’s lending company, 1FirstCashAdvance, announced their intention to release a new book about the lending industry with a view to promoting financial literacy among people. The book coming this Autumn will cover such topics as the lending industry fundamentals, borrower’s responsibility, trustworthy lending service, and different types of existing loans and their differences.

Previously, both financial experts were engaged in compiling various articles for recognized and credible portals, websites, and finance-related blogs. Michael Lefler, an expert author and loan specialist at 1FirstCashAdvance, had the idea to write a well-detailed book encompassing all the lending industry features since he had noticed the relevancy of the topic among readers for the first time.

Kerry Vetter, a debt management advisor and skilled author decided to support Michael Lefler’s intention in order to disclose each point of the subject in perfect detail. As nowadays, most people, struggling with financial issues, frequently turn to informal credit sources, the writers believe that getting acquainted with the lending industry and its basis is vitally important.

The book, called “The World of Lending: A Hundred and One Answers,” will highlight the most common-observed issues, discuss all the aspects of the lending and borrowing process, describe different types of currently available loans, and the application requirements, and elaborate on meaningful debt management plans and recommendations.

Thanks to the most reliable information included in the book, readers will be able to learn the ropes of the lending and borrowing procedures and use the acquired knowledge towards their further financial decisions. The book will help potential borrowers to avoid getting into crushing debt traps and widespread awareness of responsibility among present lenders, and loan specialists.

In accordance with all the mentioned politics of publishing, the book will be available in our online book store for all interested readers.

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