Michael Ungar’s Change Your World in Maclean’s and The Globe and Mail

We’re very happy to share these recent articles that showcase Dr. Michael Ungar’s Change Your World: What the Science of Resilience Teaches Us About the True Path to Success (available on our online store and on Amazon). In these interviews and opinion pieces, Ungar lays out his case for why self-help really begins with changing the environment around you.

Maclean’s: When it comes to resilience, the self-help industry has it all wrong

If self-help actually worked then we should be seeing a decrease in mental and physical health problems. You would think the cumulative impact of everyone buying yoga mats and endless you-can-do-it TED talks would be to generate a healthier population. Why then are the statistics going in the opposite direction?

The Globe and Mail: Put down the self-help books. Resilience is not a DIY endeavour

We have been giving people the wrong message. Resilience is not a DIY endeavour. Self-help fails because the stresses that put our lives in jeopardy in the first place remain in the world around us even after we’ve taken the “cures.” The fact is that people who can find the resources they require for success in their environments are far more likely to succeed than individuals with positive thoughts and the latest power poses.


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