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Welcome to Sutherland House, an independent Toronto-based publishing house specializing in works of nonfiction, established in 2017 by Canadian author and publishing executive, Kenneth Whyte. 

With a firm commitment to delivering engaging nonfiction narratives to readers worldwide, we pride ourselves on our diverse catalog, spanning biography, memoir, history, business, culture, and current affairs. In our quest for excellence, we strive to curate a collection of titles that resonate deeply with our global English-speaking audience. Our dedication to quality is evident in the thought-provoking books we released in 2023 alone. Even in our relatively brief time in the industry, we have seen our works grace esteemed bestseller lists, and garner nominations for prestigious awards.

At Sutherland House, we believe in the power of a distinct aesthetic, and each of our publications reflects the unique essence of our brand. From inception to launch, every title undergoes meticulous market testing to ensure its resonance with our discerning readership. All of our books are simultaneously published in both Canada and the United States, supported by robust sales and distribution channels in both countries. We are proud to be represented by the Manda Group sales team in Canada, and Publishers Group West in the United States.

We welcome submissions from authors directly, without the need for literary representation. Whether you have a manuscript ready for review or simply wish to connect, feel free to contact For media inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to
At Sutherland House, we’re not just publishers; we’re passionate advocates for impactful storytelling. Join us on our journey as we continue to illuminate compelling narratives for readers around the globe.

Our Team

Kenneth Whyte

Kenneth Whyte was editor-in-chief of Saturday Night Magazine, founding editor of The National Post, editor and publisher of Maclean’s, president of Rogers Publishing, and founding president of Next Issue Canada. He is the author of The Sack of Detroit: General Motors and the End of American Enterprise and The Uncrowned King: The Sensational Rise of Willian Randolph Hearst.

Shalomi Ranasinghe
Managing Editor

Shalomi Ranasinghe is an author, language enthusiast, and an experienced editor. Her debut book The Tea Life, based on the life of her grandfather, was published in 2021. She has a degree from the University of Toronto with a focus on English, Professional Writing, and Earth Science.

Lena Yang
Design Director

Lena Yang is a book and editorial designer with experience working with publishing houses, independent authors, newspapers, and magazines. Her work has appeared in Maclean’s magazine and The National Post. She is a graduate of Columbia Publishing Course and New York University’s Summer Publishing Institute.

Serina Mercier
marketing Director

Serina Mercier is a marketing professional with extensive experience in fashion and creative industries. She has built successful campaigns and brand awareness initiatives for artists, designers, and handmade brands. Serina holds a BA in Communications from York University.

Leah Ciani
editorial assistant

Leah Ciani is an editor, proofreader and writer. She has a degree in Professional Writing from York University with a focus on linguistics and digital authorship.

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