FALL 2020

260 Pages, 6” x 9”
$22.95 USD
$24.95 CAD

Biography & Autobiography / Women

Family & Relationships / Marriage & Long-Term Relationships

Family & Relationships / Sexuality


Marketing & Publicity Contact: Sarah Miniaci

  • Canadian national news story tie-in with high-pro- file book subject
  • Publishing trade ARC/galley outreach
  • NetGalley listing & cate- gory spotlight in Memoirs & Biographies
  • Leveraging author’s advocacy affiliations (Community Action on Mental Health & Addiction for The City of Calgary, Alberta Mental Health and Addictions Advisory Coun- cil) to build release visibility & profile
  • PR campaign for interviews, features, and excerpts with local/Calgary and national Canada & select U.S. media covering domestic lifestyle, mental health & addiction, psychology, news & public affairs
  • Select author appearances & book signing events in Canada

For the first time, the heart-stopping true-story
behind a news event that shocked the city’s elite.


My Glittering Marriage and How It Almost Cost Me My Life


Karen Gosbee had it all: a successful husband, two beautiful children, the homes, the cars, the jewelry, the A-list invitations. Her life looked perfect and as her husband, George, liked to say, appearances are everything. But at the height of his success as an owner of a major American sports franchise, cracks appeared in George’s carefully constructed façade. Karen could not ignore his increasingly erratic and self-destructive behavior, which spiraled from affairs and hard-drinking to prostitutes and drug abuse. Nor could she escape his abuse as emotional bullying escalated into dangerous beatings. A Perfect Nightmare is the story of a woman’s awakening to the realities of her failing marriage and her desperate struggle—one that would end in headlines and tragedy—to bring herself and her children to safety.

KAREN GOSBEE is a Mental Health Advocate whose real life experiences has fuelled a personal commitment to improving the quality of life for those directly and indirectly affected by mental health and addiction. She is the Co-Chair of The Community Action on Mental Health and Addiction Stewardship Group.

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