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Here in Manhattan

A site-by-site guide to the world’s greatest city
Genres: Culture, History, Travel

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May 30, 2023

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Unless you know where Edgar Allan Poe liked to sit and think and Cab Calloway used to perform, where the first Oreo was baked and America’s first pizza joint opened, where “Crazy Joe” Gallo got whacked and Jimi Hendrix opened a recording studio, where General George Washington battled the British and J.P. Morgan was bombed, where Dustin Hoffman screamed at a cabby and Marilyn Monroe felt the breeze—unless you know all this plus the location of the Ghostbusters’ headquarters, you don’t know Manhattan.

Author Tom Begnal tells story after fascinating story while taking you on a tour you’ll never find in the guidebooks. Ranging from Fort Washington to Wall Street, bridging important history and pop-culture moments, Here in Manhattan is a site-by-site guide to the wonders of the world’s greatest city.

Tom Bengal

TOM BEGNAL has been in editing for 40 years, and has worked for August Home Publishing, Madrigal Publishing, and The Taunton Press. He is the author of The Handy Shop Reference, and has written books for Cedar Lane Press, F&W/Penguin/Random House Publishing, Sterling Publishing Company, and Wellfleet Press (The Quarto Group). Born in Waterbury, Connecticut he now lives in Kent, Connecticut with his wife, they have 3 grown children.

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