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Hunting Monsters

The relentless pursuit of justice against war criminals

In a world plagued by identity drift and the horrors of genocidal wars, Colonel Eric Emeraux stands as a beacon of justice. His book, La Traque est Mon Métier, offers a gripping account of his daily life as the head of the Central Office for the Fight against Crimes against Humanity (OCLCH). Through his riveting narrative, Emeraux exposes the perpetrators of unspeakable crimes and sends a powerful message to genocidaires worldwide: justice will find you.

Genres: History, Mystery, True Crime

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Published Date

September 26, 2023 (U.S. & Canada) | November 9, 2023 (U.K. & Australia)

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Follow Emeraux’s footsteps as he takes you on a journey through Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rwanda, Liberia, and Syria. In these complex investigations, he unveils the intricate web of geopolitical contexts and historical backgrounds that surround the alleged authors of crimes against humanity. Hours of meticulous analysis, cross-checking, and testimonies culminate in the pursuit of justice, often leading to long-awaited arrests, even years after the heinous acts were committed.

As you delve into the stories of Lejla, Désirée, Darius, Steve, and Nazim—individuals whose lives have been forever altered by the horrors of genocide—prepare to witness the fragility of humanity. Emeraux shines a light on the transformation of ordinary men into killers, driven by manipulative “identity entrepreneurs” who exploit fear and hatred to achieve their twisted goals.

Fortunately, Emeraux and the OCLCH are not alone in their mission. Together with specialized magistrates and a network of national and international organizations, they fight against impunity. They work tirelessly to repair the devastation caused by human beings who act in the name of ethnicity, religion, or nationalism.

In a world increasingly susceptible to the puppeteers of chaos, Emeraux’s book serves as a call to vigilance and lucidity. It reminds us of the paramount importance of verifying the benevolence, propriety, and common sense of our leaders before entrusting them with power. On an individual level, it urges us to break free from the chains of manipulation and maintain our own clarity of thought.

Hunting Monsters illuminates the urgent need to combat impunity in these troubled times. It urges us to stand united against those who seek to sow terror and destruction. Time may pass, but justice will endure. Join Colonel Eric Emeraux in his fight for justice and make a powerful statement against the perpetrators of evil.

Eric Emeraux

Eric Emeraux is a Colonel (ER) of the French Gendarmerie Nationale. After a career in the French Army, he joined the Gendarmerie Nationale where he held various leadership positions before being appointed commander of a Regional Criminal Investigations Unit (2004-2009) and advising the Gendarmerie Regional Commander of Lyon on criminal investigations (2009-2012). After five years (2012-2017) as a police attaché at the French Embassy in Sarajevo, he was appointed head of the Central Office for Combatting crimes against Humanity, Genocides, War Crimes and Hate Crimes (OCLCH) a criminal investigation interagencies central unit based in Paris. He retired from the gendarmerie in 2020. La traque est mon métier, published by Plon in 2020, was awarded the Ouvrage de la Gendarmerie 2021 and the Prix des lecteurs du Ministère de la Défense 2022. It is translated and published in English as Hunting Monsters by Sutherland House.

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