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Smart, Successful & Abused

Dr. Mailis is on a mission to empower women and create a much-needed dialogue.
Genres: Survival Stories, Women's Issues

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“Smart, Successful & Abused opened my eyes and shattered my own unconscious
bias about the profile of a domestic abuse victim. Dr. Mailis draws the reader into this complex and troubling topic with a compelling combination of research, observations and personal storytelling. I could not put the book down once I started, intrigued to understand more so that I could recognize the signs and support women in my network who may be struggling. “
— Beth Wilson, CEO Dentons Canada

In 2016, Dr. Angela Mailis, a world-renowned expert on chronic pain management, was brought face to face with domestic violence when an accomplished colleague was murdered by her equally accomplished husband. It was familiar territory for Dr. Mailis, who herself had been involved in an emotionally abusive relationship for twenty-seven years. She redirected her research towards what is perhaps the most puzzling form of domestic violence: the abuse endured by high-achieving women who to all appearances have everything required to stand up for themselves. Her conclusions and advice will help entrapped women recognize and deflate the delusions that prevent them from acting in their best interests.

Angela Mailis

Angela Mailis is Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto, was founder and director of the Comprehensive Pain Program at Toronto Western Hospital, and is the founder and director of the Pain & Wellness Centre in Vaughan. Dr. Mailis has lectured around the world, published widely in scientific journals, and is the author of Beyond Pain (2003).

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