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Still Life: A Memoir

Jeff’s story, written on a device that tracks his eyes, is a lesson in overcoming obstacles.
Genres: Business & Money, Health

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“Jeff Sutherland’s Still Life is the training manual all of us need for how to face terrible loss and redefine the good life. If only Job could have read it.”
– Mo Rocca, CBS Sunday Morning

Father, husband, athlete, medical doctor, Jeff Sutherland had built a perfect life for himself and his family…then he noticed that he was losing strength in his left arm. Diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), he lost his abilities to walk and speak within two years and, confined to a wheelchair, was forced to retire from his life’s work as a physician at forty-three. Not long after, he was locked in his own inanimate body, unable to eat, drink, or breathe without assistance. Despite these limitations, Sutherland made peace with his disease and, surrounded by his loving family, found happiness again – only to suffer another soul-shattering loss. His story, laboriously written on a device that tracks his eye movements on a keyboard, is a testament to both the human will’s ability to overcome unspeakable tragedy, and the power of familial love to heal incomprehensible pain.

Note: Dr. Sutherland has ALS and cannot physically sign the book, but he has a signature stamp that we will apply for him. Please email us at if you have any questions.

Jeff Sutherland

Jeff Sutherland led a perfect life…until he suddenly didn’t. In the prime of his life, Jeff was struck with the devastating diagnosis of ALS. Even through immense loses, Jeff has never stopped being a loving husband, father, friend, and community leader. He has also been a celebrated physician, teacher, children’s book author, ALS advocate, and tireless fundraiser.

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