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The Canadian Mind

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The Canadian Mind takes a political approach to analyzing authors and their works in the context of Canadian history.

Genres: Essays, History, Literary

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October 10, 2023 (U.S. & Canada) | November 23, 2023 (U.K. & Australia)

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Author Andy Lamey emphasizes the need for good writing to uphold virtues beyond politics, and expresses concern about the tendency of nationalist critics to praise mediocre works simply because they are Canadian. Each chapter of the book focuses on a different Canadian writer, exploring the connections and lessons that can be drawn from their work. Lamey adopts a “minimalist nationalism” approach, examining the distinctiveness of Canadian literature and philosophy without seeking a unified national message or theme. He analyzes political philosophy, fiction, criticism, and history to shed light on important debates that have shaped Canadian life, emphasizing the intersections of literature and politics. Engaging with prominent figures like Margaret Atwood and Dany Laferrière, The Canadian Mind reflects on cultural appropriation, academic freedom, and the ongoing nationalism versus liberalism debates in Canada, providing insights for future discussions.

Andy Lamey

Andy Lamey, a former Toronto journalist, teaches philosophy at the University of California, San Diego. His writing has appeared in most of Canada’s major magazines as well as The New Republic, the Times Literary Supplement and Best Canadian Essays. He currently lives in San Diego, California.

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