The Care Book



An invaluable resource for everyone concerned for vulnerable people in their lives and communities.

Information sourcing, tracking, and organizing are daunting chores for many family caregivers. In this timely and urgently needed book, Dr. Kimberly Fraser, author of The Accidental Caregiver, provides you with a one-stop resource to delineate tasks and treatments and keep track of who’s who in your caregiving world. She offers instructions on equipment and supplies, as well as advice on note-keeping, the gathering and storage of necessary documentation, and the logging of pertinent information related to the health and social needs of care recipients.

Information management is a challenge for all caregivers. The Care Book is the convenient, user-friendly tool you need to stay organized and focused, and best look after the ones you love.

Paperback * 60 pages

ISBN #978-1-990823-75-6

Release Date: October 31, 2023 (U.S. & Canada) | December 14, 2023 (U.K. & Australia)


Kimberly Fraser is an author, speaker, and former Associate Professor at the Faculty of Nursing with the University of Alberta, and Clinician Scientist-Home Care with Alberta Health Services. Asa nursing professor she studies and writes about family caregiving, home care, case management, and related health policy. She has used innovative and arts-based approaches in her applied research. As a former Associate Professor, she now devotes most of her full-time work to writing and community board work.

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