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The Opinionated Middle Ground

Consensus is Possible and Polarization is Curable

In The Opinionated Middle Ground John Scott Cowan delves into the perpetual identity crisis of the middle ground, a space defined by uncontrollable opposing viewpoints.

Genres: Culture, Current Events, Politics

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Release Date: November 21, 2023 (U.S. & Canada) | January 4, 2024 (U.K. & Australia)

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Despite its uncertainty, the middle ground is crucial for productive human discourse, fostering civility and social cohesion. Drawing from extensive experience in labour relations, scientific research, and leading large organizations, John Scott Cowan shares practical techniques to steer conversations toward collaborative problem-solving. By highlighting the pitfalls of extreme polarization, the book advocates for respect and empathy towards opponents, and for an intense focus on logic and facts rather than conjecture and invective. Through op-ed articles and commentary upon them, the author John Scott Cowan aims to amplify the middle ground and counteract extreme ideologies. Describing its benefits, showcasing innovative ideas, and employing humour and compassion, the book guides readers to appreciate, adopt, and benefit from the middle ground. It also provides historical interpretations that encourage convergence where polarization stems from the past. The Opinionated Middle Ground inspires readers to seek common ground, promoting understanding and consensus in an increasingly divided society

John Cowan

John Cowan is a physiologist, professor, and university administrator who also has worked extensively in labour relations and written widely on society, public policy, defence and international tensions. VP at U of Ottawa, and later Queens’ U, he was Principal at RMC 1999-2008. He currently resides in Kingston, Ontario.

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