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We Are Not Okay

The Pandemic & Its Consequences (SQ#3)
Genres: Current Events, Health, Science

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June 6, 2023

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COVID-19 made almost five million Canadians sick, put hundreds of thousands in hospital, and claimed over 50,000 lives. The numbers are startling yet they don’t begin to capture the enormity of what we endured in our three-year ordeal, nor the fact that it’s not over. Many people are still grieving loved ones, many survivors are still grappling with long covid, and many continue to experience the pandemic as never-ending trauma. General healthcare has deteriorated and waiting lists have swelled even for urgent surgeries. Rates of respiratory and heart disease and strokes are up. Years of involuntary confinement, isolation, and boredom have contributed to a “shadow pandemic” of alcohol, cannabis, and opioid abuse, especially among the young. Rage is everywhere, the number of hate crimes has spiked, along with fears of civil disorder. Three million workers lost their jobs and a majority of small businesses either failed or weathered near-death experiences. Our workplaces, schools, and downtowns were hollowed out and may never entirely recover.

As year four begins, people are still dying at alarming rates and we are just beginning to learn of the myriad knock-on effects of the pandemic. In this important and galvanizing book, Dr. Elaine Chin argues that a full audit of the personal and social consequences of COVID-19 is the indispensable first step to a full recovery for individuals, families, and communities.

Dr. Elaine Chin

Dr. Elaine Chin is a one of North America’s leading medical experts and respected thought leader in the space of personalized medicine. She is the author of two best-selling books, Welcome Back! How to reboot your physical and mental resiliency for a post-pandemic world and Lifelines: Unlocking the Secret of Your Telomeres for a Longer, Healthier Life and a wellness thought leader on Bell Media’s CP24 Toronto and CTV Your Morning. She is the founder of the Bespoke/WellnessGroup, a premiere wellness practice in Toronto Canada, offering Integrative healthcare, virtual health, corporate wellness programs, and medi-beauty services.

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