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Your Move

Each chapter examines a board game and what it reveals about our society.
Genres: Culture, History

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“Games, Jonathan Kay and Joan Moriarity show in this lively and insightful book, are not just fun and games: they allow us to explore the complexities of the world, from evolution to war to climate.”
— Steven Pinker, Johnstone Professor of Psychology, Harvard University

Board games are in a new golden age. They’re reclaiming their place in our culture, as entertainment, social activity, and intellectual workout equipment. Alone among all art forms, games require their audience (called “players”) to participate. If nobody’s playing, there is no game.

Each chapter of Your Move examines one game, and what it reveals about our culture, history, society, and relationships. With its short, punchy essays, and beautiful photographs of the games themselves, every chapter will leave you inspired to discover the truths of your own inner and outer world through play — whether you’re a veteran or a total newcomer.

Joan Moriarity, Jonathan Kay

Joan Moriarity has worked in the tabletop game industry as a designer, developer, art director, publisher, rules writer and instructor. Her writing has appeared in The Walrus and she has lectured at the University of Toronto and the Linden School on the magic of games. Jonathan Kay is Canadian editor of Quillette, a host of the Quillette and Wrongspeak podcasts, and an avid gamer. His previous books include Among The Truthers and Legacy: How French Canadians Shaped North America.

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