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Break Them Up

It’s shocking to me how little attention the proposed merger of Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster is getting from Canadian media. Neither the business nor the arts desks seem interested. Maybe it’s a lack of reporting resources, which these days is usually the culprit in uncovered stories, or maybe it’s a lack of

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Grand Strategery

The Canada Council is in the midst of devising a five-year strategic plan that will influence its annual distribution of a half-billion dollars to Canadian artists and cultural organizations. Naturally, it held consultations as part of its planning process, as all creatures of government do these days (the council is a crown corporation). A question

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History and le Carré

I’ve long believed the Nobel committee should bestow its laurel, at least once, on a genre novelist. Someone like Agatha Christie, Dashiell Hammett, Anne Rice, Patricia Highsmith, JRR Tolkien, or Elmore Leonard whose work generally takes a recognizable form — say, the detective, horror, scifi, or romance novel — yet at its best transcends that

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The Art of the Pitch: How to Sell Your Non-Fiction Manuscript to a Publisher

Ken Whyte’s tips for selling your non-fiction manuscript to a publisher There is no single correct way to pitch a book idea to a publisher. What works for fiction will be different than what works for cookbooks or narrative non-fiction. My expertise is in the latter, so what follows is an approach to pitching narrative

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