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The 10 Books You Should Be Reading This September

This year has been a dizzying one so far, and it’s not over yet. So it seems entirely appropriate that September brings with it a number of books that attempt to grapple with the world we live in — whether it’s Naomi Klein and Cory Doctorow exploring the effects of

Two Huge Losses

About 100 people gathered at North York Central Library on November 14 to celebrate the life of Sharon Fitzhenry (above), the president and CEO of Fitzhenry & Whiteside, who died on August 26 at age seventy-three. Her firm was founded by her father, Robert Fitzhenry, and included the imprints Fifth

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Update on Follow The Money

    Sorry to post twice in a day but thanks to Chris Oliveros at the esteemed Drawn & Quarterly, we’ve identified mistakes in this morning’s newsletter. I was going to wait until next week to post a correction but thought it was best to do so promptly. The Canada

Canada’s top 20 independents

As we’ve often noted at SHuSH, it’s difficult to find reliable information on the Canadian publishing industry, and especially the Canadian independent publishing industry. Most independents are privately owned and under no obligation to release their sales results to anyone. Except when they want grants. The Canada Book Fund is

How we read today

[page_header] Every year BookNet Canada surveys a couple thousand book buyers and publishes the results along with a boatload of data on Canadian book sales compiled from the nation’s tills. I’m going to hit some of the highlights. If you’d like more, it’s for sale here. Let’s start with the

The luckiest biographers

  The luckiest biographers Two huge books about controversial subjects are due this fall This is the 195th edition of SHuSH, the official newsletter of The Sutherland House Inc. If you’re new here, hit the button: Upgrade to paid   We’re in for a fascinating battle of business biographies this

Richard Charkin has lots to say

Fifty years ago, when Richard Charkin (above) began his career in the book trade, telephones were wired to desktops and editors (male) wrote their letters and memos in longhand,

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