Alex Johnston’s warm, brilliant, heartbreaking memoir about infertility is out now – order it from our store today. “Alex has a truly unbelievable story: this is a wild journey to motherhood, filled with hard-won insights into how society can help families struggling with infertility.” –GILLIAN DEACON, host of CBC’s Here and Now “Raw and painful, well-informed and thoughtful, Inconceivable is a brilliant achievement. The book is a valuable public service and a gripping memoir.” –CHARLOTTE GRAY, author of The Promise of Canada: People and Ideas That Have Shaped Our Country “When I started reading this book, I could not put it down. It is a gem. Sorrowful, deeply personal, heart-rending, beautifully written, and with a happy ending. Alex deserves our deep gratitude for sharing this journey with so many, and for bringing greater awareness, understanding, and action to this important issue.” –KATIE TAYLOR, Chair of the Board of Royal Bank of Canada “Alex’s story is both heart-warming and heart-breaking. It is a desperately needed warning tale about the challenges of modern family making. Our advice to every young woman out there is to buy this book and to ask your doctor about fertility testing.” –TARA WOOD, President of Conceivable Dreams & CAROLYNN DUBÉ, Executive Director of Fertility Matters Canada “It is brave and selfless of Alex Johnston to write this honest, deeply informative, and engaging book. Her journey will resonate powerfully with those who have struggled to have children, but her story is equally compelling for anyone who wants to understand the profound impact of infertility on women and men today. It is especially important for business leaders to read this book and then ask themselves: What are we doing in our company to support our employees in building their families? What more can we do? Addressing these questions is an important corporate imperative.” –NORIE CAMPBELL, Group Head and General Counsel, TD Bank Group “This book is an important call to women and aspiring parents. Alex takes us behind the curtain and reveals the jaw-dropping, heart-wrenching, yet uplifting story of her infertility journey and the path to becoming a parent. This book flips the current narrative of infertility and surrogacy; from one that is reactive, to one that urges women and aspiring parents to become more proactive.” –JAMIE SHEA, Co-Founder of Chef’s Plate

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